Welcome to the “Rag Tag Crew – Goes Vietnam“!

We are a group who like re-enactment and living history. Most of us have our roots in airsoft gaming, but have for various reasons moved on to re-enactment/living history. However, we still play now and then and are very comfortable with this.

Most of us think that nature, outdoor experiences, photography, collecting, airsoft and re-enacment/living history meet and connect. Therefore we combine these into one and try to stay together in a group which we call the Rag Tag Crew.

I hope you find something of interest here and that we can get you to join our Rag Tag Crew with a focus on the period around the Vietnam War and living history. Do not hesitate to contact us or register as a member. You can always submit your interest to be recruited in the menu above.

Best regards,
SFC Sparre