Update 2011/08/10

Posted by on Thursday August 11th, 2011

Update 0-Day OP: “Gathering”:
The first attempt at a one day gathering was quite successful despite the fact that only three (3) members was on the scene. SFC Sparre, SGT Ekman, Pvt Phil did a “test drive” in the area and had a really nice day. Sweat poured down our backs and Pvt Phil did a face plant into a marsh area. Unfortunately, we have no pictures of this. SORRY!
Next 0-Day OP is under planning. Details will be posted under Events and on the RTC’s Facebook group. Stay tuned!

Update Extras:
Part of the Rag Tag Crew held a short meeting 09/10/2011 in HQ where it was decided that RTC will form an association for Vietnam reenactors and collectors of militaria and the like from the time period we work with, namely the U.S. 1960 – 1970’s. This will be done in the autumn of 2011 and all who meet the criteria (which will be announced later) will be welcome with the application for membership.
A decision was alsomade that a Jeep, GMC, or the like, will be located and acquired. To todays date there are three (3) members interested in participating in this project and more are welcome to show their interest. If you are interested? Then, please, contact SFC Sparre for further information.

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