Update 2011/09/07

Posted by on Wednesday September 7th, 2011

Update 07/09/2011
Rag Tag Crew is in full swing with the club work. The Board has been composed and will hold a meeting during the month of September to take up the statutes and guidelines of the association. PFC Wallin “Tunnel Rat” has been given a, as of yet, secret mission, which will be revealed when it is completed. This can lead to a promotion and also that he deserves the award Good Conduct and maybe even a Purple Heart ;).

Update Gear
We have found smoke grenades!! These can be ordered at 45SEK/pc from SFC Sparre, so contact him if you’re interested. Take a look!! –> Smoke Grenade 48

Update Twitter
Rag Tag Crew is now on Twitter as well. Follow us on http://twitter.com/Rag_Tag_Crew

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