Update 2012/01/09

Posted by on Monday January 9th, 2012

Update 01/09/2012
We in the Rag Tag Crew begin by wishing our buddy PFC Wallin a big CONGRATULATIONS! on his birthday today.

New year and new adventures!
We have before us a new and hopefully eventful year. In May (5th?) it is once again time for burlesque party with the gang from Carnevalesque. An adventure in itself. More information will be posted at a later date so stay tuned! During spring and summer there will be alot of events. More info will be posted as soon as info is avalible.

The S.O.S Tour!
The S.O.S Tour (Shit on a Shingle Tour). In August, the plan is that RTC makes a joint-OP with the Big Red One, and temporary replace our VN uniforms for WWII ones. The idea is that we all will team up and go to the “A-Bombers weekend” event. We are a group who thought that this event is perfect to do a little advertising for us and have a nice weekend along with good friends.

We will start a convoy of U.S. military vehicles from Helsingborg on Friday morning and drive north with destination Backamo, with several stops along the way. More info about the route will follow as soon as it’s avalible.

For those who want to join the costs is 500 SEK and includes:
1 – Sleeping quarters (tent).
2 – Authentic American food Friday evening to Sunday morning. (Prepared from an authentic Kitchen GMC with authentic recipes!).
3 – Ride with U.S vehicles ww2 style. (GMC, Jeep, Dodge).

Entry into the A-bombers come to an additional costs of 500 SEK.

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