Update 2012/03/17

Posted by on Saturday March 17th, 2012

 Update 17.03.2012

Rag Tag Crew has been invited to Beredskapsmuseet in Djuramossa May 17, 2012. The idea is that the RTC with BRO (Big Red One: Sweden) and other invited groups will be on hand to show off their displays, equipment and other things and to ready at hand to tell about what we do and what we’re all about.
Do not forget to register your interest with SFC Sparre.

Update: “Project Vehicles”

Efforts to find a vehicle (Jeep, Dodge, GMC, or similar) is progressing. Unfortunately we have not yet found any good items, but if something shows up all members will be notified immediately!
If anyone reads this and HAVE a good item to us. Please contact us via the contact form as soon as possible. Keep in mind that the price, or whatever it may be, is not wild fantasy. Please come with suggestions.

Update: “Sociaty”

RTC encountered problems when it came to the forming of a sociaty for Vietnam reenactors and collectors during the fall of 2011. The idea was put on hold for a while, but work has resumed and will be pursued as soon as possible. PFC Wallin keeps track of this and have come a long way. Let’s hope he does not go on more boobytraps!

Update: Website

The website is continually updated with images, texts and other materials. SFC Sparre has been out on adventures with Lt. Root from BRO and pictures from the event will be posted on Facebook and will be posted here as soon as possible and everything is accessible.

We have a new and exciting season ahead of us with many, small and large, events in front of us! DO NOT forget! to register for S.O.S Tour! and other events!
Take good care brothers!

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