Uppdate 2012/08/12

Posted by on Sunday August 12th, 2012

Update 08.12.2012:

Rag Tag Crew has been doing some things during our short Swedish summer months. Project has been started, completed and analyzed.

Update Web Site:

RTC is now on Facebook with our very own page. Feel free to visit and “like” us to get rapid and continuous updates on what’s happening in our midst. News, photos, links and other things are posted almost immediately when it happens. Many of the events we are invited to, or plan to attend, is posted there as well as here on our website.
Rag Tag Crew on Facebook

Update “Photoshoot”:

Parts of the Rag Tag Crew has been out on a “photo shoot”, a trial run with Ulfendorfen to see what could be done with what we have to work with in terms of equipment and clothing. PFC Wallin and SFC Sparre went into their roles and were patrolling in full gear on a hot summer day in June. The result of that days exercises will be posted under “Photos” as soon as we have been authorized by Ulfendorfen.
Ulfendorfen was appointed to HONORARY MEMBER FOR LIFE and was awarded ………. for his work during the day.
PFC Wallin was awarded ………. for his efforts when he saved SFC Sparre.
SFC Sparre was awarded ……… for their efforts and initiatives.

Update “Thulinträffen event”:

SFC Sparre went with our friends BRO (Big Red One) to Thulinträffen in Landskrona 21 & 22/7-2012. Pictures from the event is posted under “Photos”.
We would love to see more pictures and other materials that people have from the event. Do YOU have any pictures from these two days or knows someone who has? Do not hesitate to contact us via the “Contact Us” on the website or via the RTC’s Facebook page.

Update “Reenactorvärlden”:

A reenactor association in Knivsta (Sweden) has contacted the RTC and we will develop this contact as soon as possible. More to come on this…

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