Update 2013/01/04

Posted by on Tuesday July 23rd, 2013

Update 04/01/2013:

So we have come to a new year and Rag Tag Crew wish you all a happy one. We hope that 2013 will be a good year, both in the reenactment world and the world in general.

In 2013, it will happen a lot. Many gatherings are planned, invitations have come in during the fall and we are discussing within the group what we are going to go out on. We know with 100% certainty that there will be more photo sessions with Ulfendorfen (http://www.ulfendorfen.com), which we appreciated very much and was extremely fun in the meantime. Some of the photos are now under “Images” on this website and on our Facebook page.

RTC did in 2012 a very short, but powerful, apperence in an article about the Viet Nam War. The article was written by Bo Knarrström and was exclusive for SMB’s members, which means that we unfortunately can not share it with you without permission.

Update “Project Vehicles”:

The project has not been forgotten or shelved, but it turns out to be a bit more complicated and costly than we first thought. The plan is still the same, but we have modified it slightly. We are currently looking high and low for grants or sponsors of the project. If anyone reading this is interested, please contact us immediately using the form under “Contact Us”.

Other Projects:

SFC Sparre has added a PRC-77 to his collection. Admittedly, it is completely empty inside, but this serves its purpose. The idea is that the radio will be fitted with a PMR radio inside to be connected to the external controls. Primarily, it will be connected to the handset and the volume controls. There are also plans to install an MP3 player with recorded radio audio/conversations since there is also an external speaker available. Project “PRC-77″ you will be able to follow here at Rag Tag Crew’s website and Facebook page.

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