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Information about Rag Tag Crew: Rag Tag Crew is, as stated before, completely apolitical. We are a group of people who stick togeather around a specific interest. We all come from different backgrounds and what we do in our everyday life does not belong here.

Information about the website: This page/website is private and operated by volunteer members with an interest in history and collecting. All information available on Rag Tag Crew: Goes VietNam is copyrighted and under “fair use restriction”. Comments, messages and posts are reviewed by Admin before publication.

Information about pictures: All images and pictures are copyright and belong to someone! If information is available to us about the ownership of a particular image, then this picture is marked accodingly along with a © notice. Credit where credit  is due! All photos in albums/galleries belong to it’s owner and is marked with a watermark. If anyone would like to use a picture – Please contact Admin via the form under Contact Us. Are there any questions about a specific image/images – Please contact Admin as stated above.

Information about links/linking: We like to link to other pages and would like to see others link to us. To the extent that we can, we make contact before a link to a page is posted. If you want to link here, please let us know using  the form under Contact Us.

Information about membership: In the current situation we have no club or association, but a discussion is going on about becoming one. We welcome all who are interested to join but reserve us the right to say “no thanks”, of course with an explanation for this response. We simply can not have members in the group that can damage or destroy the rest of us.