Our Interest

Our interest – What is it about?


What is our interest about?

A difficult question to answer straight off, actually.
Most of us are collectors and interested in history, especially when the history of war.

That we are completely apolitical is no discussion. Politics has nothing to do with our interest. In short, what others think and feel has nothing to do with us. Our interest is history and to make it live.

Re-enactment is part of this and we are trying to create a living history around a particular topic or period in time. In our case, it is all about 1960 – 1970’s and the period around the war in Southeast Asia and particularly in Vietnam.

What do we do?
We depict a group of American infantry soldiers. We dress in period correct uniforms and live as line grunts when we get a chance. At public occasions it gives us a chance to showcase ourselves as a group, show off part of our collections and let others take advantage of them.

What, then, re-enactment?
Shortly… Re-enactment can be almost anything really. It can be anything from trying to relive the stone age to dress in period clothes and show off your 1930’s car with its picnic table. So this is all about living history and for an afternoon or weekend, for example, live and behave as it did in its time.