Equipment & Gear.

You don’t have much to be involved in shaping history. However, we prefer that you have or acquire certain things to fit in better and for it all to be correct.

Below is a list of clothes and equipment that may be needed. To get as close as possible is the goal and the original stuff is not an absolute must. There are some very nice repro gear at Band of Hand – Webshop.
If you n
eed anything urgently or you are missing something in your character presentation. Get in touch with us and we will see what can be found among our collections or in the network of people we know.


  • Jungle fatigue shirt
  • Jungle fatigue trousers
  • Jungle boots
  • OG-107 field cap/boonie hat
  • OG t-shirt

Alternative uniforms we approve:

  • OG-107 Utility shirt & trousers
  • M51/M65 Jacka

Uniforms in Tiger Stripe, which is NOT the ripstop or BDU-model.

Field Gear:

  • M1 helmet +/- Mitchell cover
  • Jungle Hat/Boonie
  • M-1956 Combat Harness
  • M6/M7 bayonet with M8A1 scabbard

Permitted weapons models (airsoft weapons are allowed):

  • M16A1
  • M16
  • XM-177
  • M14/21
  • M60

For the special forces all weapons that were used are allowed.
Absolutely forbidden are all more modern M16 variants that are newer than the M16A1 version. PERIOD!

Division Emblem/Patch (discussion in progress):
All emblems are allowed that appared in Vietnam.
We will eventually choose and focus at one division/Squad that we will belong to. At the moment any patches can be used as long as they appared in VietNam.